Our History

Where We Started

P.H. Heat Treatment was founded in 1956 with it's original premises located on a 600m2 premises in Cleveland, Johannesburg, equipped with 10 box furnaces, 2 cyanide baths, and 4 temper furnaces to process pack carburising, harden & temper and cyanide hardening jobs. 


In 1981 Cecil Zlotnick (Technical) (B.Sc.) (Engineering) (Metallurgy) and Philip Becker (Financial)
         (B.Com) C.A. purchased the Company from the previous owners. Three atmosphere furnaces were added to the plant:- 1 X 9 Cu.Ft. sealed quench furnace (EFCO); 1 X 12” shaker hearth furnace (BIRLEC) and 1 X 9 Cu.Ft. temper furnace (EFCO).

With the addition of new furnaces came new processes, namely: gas carburising; carbonitriding; neutral hardening; atmosphere normalising; and carbon restoration.


In 1984, P.H. Heat Treatment relocated to our current premises in Activia Park, Germiston - a larger premises and room for growth. Here all old technology & equipment was phased out (e.g. cyanide hardening, pack carburising and normalizing/hardening in air.).


In 1991 Philip Becker emmigrated and Cecil Zlotnick bought over P.H. Heat Treatment in its entirety. That same year Dale Boxshall-Smith was welcomed into the company and became a partner in 1994. This partnership is what grew P.H. Heat Treatment to where we are today.


P.H. Heat Treatment has enjoyed continual expansion, modernization and adoption of the latest technology in steel heat treatment. We have installed a Customer Information System to improve customer service and be used as a management tool in planning and execution of customers’ orders as well as delivery and collection, provide up to date statistics on work in progress, customer activity, plant loading, quality trends, revenue statistics, active and inactive customers; upgrading of our Laboratory equipment and an investment in a Nitreg®  nitriding plant – the first of its kind in Africa with us being the exclusive S.A. Licensee. P.H. Heat Treatment has also installed Generators which fully sustain our plant during electricity breaks.

Cecil Zlotnick, Managing Member of P.H. Heat Treatment, passed away on Febuary 13, 2023. With the passion and knowledge that Cecil has left behind, the company continues to operate as his legacy.

Under the guidence and leadership of Brenda Zlotnick and

Dale Boxshall-Smith, P.H. Heat Treatment continues to offer the same quality and service it is known for.