What We Offer

Gas Nitride

P.H. Heat Treatment is pleased to be able to offer the Nitreg®; Nitreg®-C; and ONC® nitriding processes to the South African market. As part of our technology agreement with Nitrex Metal Inc. we have been working hard over the past 18 years to develop and prove this sought after treatment.

For applications where resistance to atmospheric corrosion and an attractive dark finish is desirable, the Nitreg® nitride plus ONC® is the appropriate process. The objective with this treatment is to transform the very top portion of the nitride white layer into a complex spinel structure consisting mostly of Fe3O4 iron oxide.


This post-nitriding oxidation treatment has an effect of enhancing the corrosion resistance of an already nitrided component, while giving the surface an attractive dark finish, which is expressly desired by many customers.

Maximum Sizes & Capacity


  • 900 ø width x 1,200 mm height

  • Up to 2,000 KG maximum load

Our Nitrex furnace runs 24/7, process dependent. With the maximum capacity of the furnace being 2,000 KG, loads are made up during the week and processed Friday nights through to Monday nights. Tuesday or Thursday nights are dedicated to Tool and Die processing dependent on the load size.


Urgent work is subject to load size and discussion with our Customer Liasion Department.