What We Offer

Carbon Restoration

The surface of components, especially castings are exposed to air and oxidization during the formation of the cast product. As a result, the surfaces lose carbon, or becomes decarburized which makes them weak and soft. We are capable of salvaging them by using the Carbon Restoration technique.

Maximum Sizes & Capacity

Our maximum furnace dimensions are broken down into two types:- 


Type A (maximum width furnace):

  • Widest - 880 mm 

  • Highest - 460 mm

  • Length - 1,000 mm


Type B (maximum height furnace):

  • Widest - 860mm 

  • Highest - 650 mm

  • Length - 1,000 mm


Distortion can be minimized up to 650 mm as these items can be stood upright in a Type B furnace. Items of up to 1,000 mm can be laid down flat and packed to minimize distortion, but no guarantee can be given on these items.


Maximum weight is consistent for a Type A and Type B furnace: 250 KG - 800 KG

Allow 2 - 5 days, however extraordinarily large jobs may take longer.


Urgent work is subject to load size and discussion with our Customer Liasion Department.