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Annealing is one of the most widely used operations in the heat treatment of iron and steel and is defined as the softening process. Heating from 30 – 50°C above the upper critical temperature and cooling it at a very slow rate in the furnace. The main aim of annealing is to make steel more ductile and malleable and to remove internal stresses. This process makes the steel soft so that it can be easily machined.

Depending on the carbon content, the steel is heated to a temperature of about 50° to 55°C above its critical temperature range. It is held at this temperature for a definite period of time depending on the type of furnace and nature of work. The steel is then allowed to cool.

  • It softens the steel and improves its machinability.

  • It refines the grain size and removes gases.

  • It removes the internal stresses developed during the previous process.

  • To obtain desired ductility, malleability, and toughness.

  • It modifies the electrical and magnetic properties.

Maximum Sizes & Capacity


  • 900 mm width x 1,140 mm height
  • 300 KG - 800 KG maximum load

Allow 48 hours, however extraordinarily large jobs may take longer.


Urgent work is subject to load size and discussion with our Customer Liasion Department.