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Metal Heat Treatment

P.H. Heat Treatment is one of the oldest commercial metal heat treatment companies in South Africa. It was founded in 1956 and has provided an essential service to the industry for 67 years. Through its long history, it has gained a wealth of experience in ferrous and non-ferrous heat treatment. The corporation prides itself in being Africa's only authorised Nitrex Approved World Class Heat Treater.

We offer 24/7 processing with no electricity interruptions!!

About Our Heat Treatment Process & Services

Main Activity


Commercial metal heat treatment as a service to industry. The treatments are carried out to impart essential mechanical properties to components, thereby enabling them to perform in their prescribed duty. The treatments performed by the corporation are part of the manufacturing process.



Equipment comprises of state-of-the-art gas atmosphere furnaces with the most modern controls as well as ancillary equipment, delivery vehicles and a fully equipped, metallographic laboratory.

Quality Assurance


P.H. Heat Treatment has fully implemented quality systems and has been highly rated by the automotive and mining industries. The quality system conforms to ISO 9001, although the corporation is not currently listed.

Customer Information System


Developed in-house for tracking, pricing and statistics on all customers and their orders. The system was developed in Microsoft Access with VBA coding. It is networked throughout the factory and provides up to date information on all customers' orders. This system was introduced in 1999 and has facilitated major improvements in efficiency, resulting in improved customer service and satisfaction.