Specialists in Heat Treatment


  Company Profile

Main Activity
Commercial metal heat treatment as a service to industry. The treatments are carried
out to impart essential mechanical properties to components, thereby enabling them to perform in their prescribed duty. The treatments, performed by the corporation are part of the manufacturing process.

Cecil Zlotnick
Managing Member

Dale Boxshall-Smith
Works Manager

Size and Scale of Operation
Factory Size:- 2500 sq. Meters
capacity:- 520 tons of steel per month (depending on the process and product mix.)
Current Output:- 420 tons steel components per month

Equipment comprises state-of-the-art gas atmosphere furnaces with the most modern controls as well as ancillary equipment, delivery vehicles and a fully equipped, metallographic laboratory.

Quality Assurance
P.H. Heat Treatment has fully implemented quality systems and has been highly rated by the automotive and mining industries. The quality system conforms to ISO 9001, although the corporation is not currently listed.

Heat Treatment Processes
a) Conventional Processes


  • Neutral hardening and tempering

  • Atmosphere normalising

  • Carbon Restoration

  • Gas carburising

  • Carbonitriding

  • Annealing and stress relieving

Non-Ferrous alloys:-

  • Annealing and stress relieving of Copper and Aluminium alloys

  • Age Hardening of Aluminium alloys

Licenced Processes - Exclusive for South Africa. Technology owned by BOC Ltd.(U.K.)

Low temperature nitrocarburising processes to combat wear and corrosion. These processes were developed by Huyton Heat Treatments in the U.K. In 1996, P.H. Heat Treatment was, after extensive auditing by Huyton, awarded an exclusive licence for South africa for these processes. These processes have had success in the automotive and mining industries.

They include well known process names such as:

  • Alpha - ( Epsilon / FNC / SQ / AS / L )

  • Alpha Plus - ( Epsilon ANC / SQ / MS / L )

  • Beta - ( Epsilon EANC / SQ / MS / H )

  • Delta

  • Sealbond - ( Epsilon FNC / S or SU )

BOC purchased the technology from Huyton this year and have renamed the processes "Epsilon".

Customer Information System
Developed in-house for tracking, pricing and statistics on all customers and their orders. The system was developed in Microsoft Access with VBA coding. It is networked throughout the factory and provides up to date information on all
customers' orders. This system was introduced in 1999 and has facilitated major improvements in efficiency, resulting in improved customer service and satisfaction.